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AloePure600 AMP
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3 month supply (90 capsules) -- 1 capsule daily

AloePure600 AMP

Freeze dried AloePure600 AMP is processed with top quality aloe vera and its full spectrum of active mucilaginous polysaccharides. The 3 types of polysaccharides are small, medium, and long chain. According to Dr Ivan Danhoff's research,the small chain polysaccharides reduce inflammation in the digestive system and the body; the medium chain polysaccharides help fight bacteria, fungus and intestinal parasites as well as viruses in the body; the long chains help increase T-cell and macrophage activity which boosts the natural body immune system.

Freeze dried AloePure600 AMP

Dr Danhof's research reveals the freeze dried Aloe Polysaccharide Molecules pass directly through the cell walls in the intestines in a process called encylodysis thus providing their beneficial components directly for colitis and the intestinal mucosa lining

Herpes is a virus like the ones Dr Danhof found to respond to the medium chain polysaccharide chains in freeze dried aloe vera in AloePure600

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  1   $120.00 for order of ONE 180 capsule 3 month supply
  2+   $114.00 each for orders of a 360 capsule 6 month supply for a total of $228.00

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