AloePure600 AMP for Herpes and Viral Diseases


Herpes Viruses are a group of viruses which cause blisterlike eruptions on the skin or mucous membranes. Herpes I, oral herpes, and Herpes II, genital herpes, can wreak havoc on the immunocompromised. Approximately two-thirds of Americans are believed to be carriers of herpes I, which causes fever blisters when a person develops a cold or becomes stressed.

Herpes II, genital herpes, causes blisters on the genitals. T cells and natural killer cells battle herpes infections; however, stress and illness decrease cellular immunity, resulting in the likelihood of more frequent and more severe episodes. Frequent outbreaks of either herpes virus suggest a compromised immune system. The glyconutrient formula in AloePure600 AMP bolsters and helps restore immune strength which may result in diminished outbreaks.

To both prevent and help minimize herpes outbreaks, it is recommended that an individual add the glyconutrients found in AloePure600 AMP to their daily diet. One capsules daily is recommended. Depending upon the severity and frequency of the herpes outbreaks, you may increase to two per day.

Herpes Testimonial: "Thank you. After taking zovirax, famvir, and valtrex for herpes for the past 15 years, I needed something less taxing on the liver. I am amazed to find that, after 9 mos. of AloePure AMP , I'm herpes symptom free. That's the longest I have ever been free of symptoms without using prescription drugs. In addition to not taxing my liver as the presciption drugs can do, AloePure600 AMP provides liver support. I have been taking daily capsules for the past year and a half and plan to do so every day for many years. Thank you, SMS, Chicago, Ill.

It is important to remember that the herpes virus stays dormant and hide in cells for years. It tends to surface from time to time when immune defenses become weakened due to stress or illness. An ongoing regime of daily AloePure AMP gives the immune system both support and strength to minimize outbreaks. It also provides support for the liver and diminishes or eliminates the need to prescription medications which can tax the liver.


Glyconutrients supplementation in the form of Aloe Immune Builder's Products can help to boost an underactive immune system and help to fight cronic or recurring infections. The AloePure AMP formulation provides assists to the body in its fight against the variety of viral infections present today.

Recommended dosage of AloePure600 AMP for someone suffering from a compromised immune system and viral disease is one capsule daily.

AloePure600 AMPAloePure600 AMPAloePure600 AMP formulation provides healing polysaccharides that address digestive disorders such as Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD), Diverticulitis and Crohn's Disease. 
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