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"The Therapeutic Components of Aloe Vera"
lecture by Dr. Ivan Danhof in his own words.

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The following Lecture Highlights are Discussed on Above Tape:

Therapeutic Benefits of Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharies (AMP) for Immune and Digestive Systems:

Short length AMP molecules - glucose and manose

Anti-inflammatory and Blood Sugar Normalization -
Small (shorter) AMP molecules reduce inflammation that occurs in many disease processes such as ulcerative colitis, arthritis, and gastric reflux. Chemo tactic Factor - drawing of white blood corpuscles to area of infection is enhanced by aloe. Normalization of Blood Sugar by noninsulin reduction of blood sugar with both type I and II diabetes.

Medium lengh AMP molecules

Free Radical Scavengers -
Whereas vitamins and minerals can only function outside the cells, AMP molecules are effective intracellular antioxidant and free radical scavengers are very important in preventing and treating Arteriosclerosis, Heart Disease and Parkinson's Disease. With the ever-increasing chemical pollution all over the planet and loss of nutrients in the soil, the increase in free radicals and loss of cellular oxygen will only become worse in the future.

Longer length AMP molecules

Anti-Pathogens -
Longer chains of AMP have a direct antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-yeast/fungus and anti-amoeba effect. The Aloe Vera AMP products will have a major impact on infectious diseases as they develop and the older diseases that are becoming more virulent and mutate from long term use of antibiotics.

Very long AMP molecules

Immune System Enhancement -
The very large molecules contained in the Aloe Vera AMP products are immune modulating, they have a powerful healing effect on diseases such as hepatitis C, AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, other chronic infections, multiple chemical exposure, cancer, heart disease, auto-immune diseases and many other immune system disorders. Aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides are important with the ever-increasing number of infectious diseases that are gradually becoming resistant to antibiotics. Tumor Necrosis Factor of the very large molecules impairs the Angiogenisis Factor to lower blood vessel formulation via tumor necrosis - a positive cancer benefit.

Liver Support

The Aloe Vera AMP Products activate the Macrophage System directly and through the liver to produce a cascade of healing effects: increases phagocytosis by the macrophage to engulf and destroy infected cells and damaged cells (the garbage eater in the body); increases interleukin and interferon levels in the body, which then increases the number and response of T-Cells and Monocytes; wound healing via fibroblast activity as well as dramatically increasing the growth of new cells and the anti-pathogenic response with viruses, bacteria, yeast fungus and amoebas. Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides in the Aloe Vera AMP products also cause the body to produce tumor necrosis factor that destroys tumors by shutting off their blood supply.

Aloe and Digestive Tract Healing:

"AMP(aloe mucliginous polysaccharides) are not broken down in digestive tract rather they are completely engulfed in the cell wall and transported across intestinal cell wall which protects the length of the chain thus providing the beneficial properties a way to move directly into the bloodstream. This process of engulfing the aloe muciliginous polysaccharide molecules directly thru the cell wall is called encylodysis. "

Click here to play a 37 minute audio recording
"The Therapeutic Components of Aloe Vera"
lecture by Dr. Ivan Danhof in his own words.

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