Hepatitis C Homeopathic Treatment - Aloe Vera Plus
 Homeopathic Treatment with  Aloe Vera Plus     ................is how Dr Walton  .............           has managed his Hepatitis C since 1997     

"scans, chemistries, and liver biopsy in 1997 .............. confirmed I had advanced Hepatitis C"

May, 2006 - Recent blood work, blood tests confirm that my immune system remains strong and successful at repressing the Hepatitis C virus.

  August 2008 biopsy and blood work confirm that my condition has improved substantially using only Aloe Vera Plus. I remain active at golf, traveling, and hobbies with no health constraints. 

I faithfully take six capsules of Aloe Vera Plus daily to maintain strong health and keep my liver supported.

by Bruce Walton, M.D.

Editor's note: Dr. Bruce Walton's Hepatitis C remission story seems nothing short of a miracle. In 1997, he was diagnosed with advanced Hepatitis C and given less than a year to live unless he had a liver transplant, Dr. Walton sought alternative treatments. Seventeen years later, he is now sharing his experience and promoting the miracle plant that he credits with saving his life. He epitomizes our redefinition of today's senior citizen: active, interesting, interested, and still contributing time and effort to his causes. He continues to answer the defining question 'how can we do things better?' His exemplary role model inspires us each to find a way to make a difference.

"Seventeen years ago I began experiencing fatigue which progressed to the point that I could not work normally. Following scans, chemistries, liver biopsy, and consultation with my Internist, it was confirmed I had advanced Hepatitis C. I was told that I would most likely not live a year without chemotherapy (Interferon) and liver transplantation."

"An epidemic in the United States, Hepatitis C is an occupational hazard for surgeons, EMT's, firemen, and others subjected to needle sticks while caring for patients. As a surgeon, I found myself one of the statistics."

"I had seen many patients tragically submitted to transplantation with immunosupression and chemotherapy resulting in a life without quality." I did not want to go thru the trauma of chemotherapy with interferon and ribavirin.

"I decided to research alternative treatments. In my study I came to the realization that Hepatitis is a systemic viral infection which attacks the whole body as well as the liver, causing functional failure. "Hepatitis" means infection of the liver."

Dr Walton reports, "...I began to research and take aloe vera orally. Remarkably, my energy was restored over the first few weeks of taking Aloe Vera Plus....17 years later I'm active and enjoying life - and I'm STILL TAKING ALOE VERA PLUS every day."

"My research on aloe led me to Dallas, Texas and Dr. Ivan Danhof, one of the world's leading experts on aloe vera. Like Dr. Danhof I feel the best way to assist the body's fight against disease is to support the immune system. I learned that lyophilized (freeze dried) whole leaf aloe vera retains its long chain polysaccharide molecules and therefore, it's immune system supporting capacity. Boosting the immune system is critical in the treatment of viral infections such as Hepatitis C. I credit Aloe Vera Plus with restoring my health. As Archeus, the Greek physician of old said, 'Let your food be your medicine; let your medicine be your food'." I would modify this to substitute "food supplement" for "food."

"As an alternative treatment, I began to research and take aloe vera orally. Remarkably, my fatigue disappeared over the first few weeks and I began to rapidly improve," reports Dr Walton. "My Hepatitis C remains in 'remission' and I continue to take Dr Walton's Aloe Vera Plus daily."

Definitely, food for thought!
Life has a different meaning for Dr. Walton following his bout with Hepatitis C. Dr Walton celebrated his 84th birthday in the summer of 2014 and remains active golfing most days. His activities also include: voracious reading,  spending time with his wife and family, traveling, entertaining friends, and enjoying life in general. He thrives on learning and the exchange of ideas with his friends and colleagues.

ALOE VERA PLUS -- Take two capsules per day

Aloe Vera PlusAloe Vera PlusAloe Vera Plus helps fight autoimmune diseases and supports the immune system. Dr Walton uses it for Hepatitis C, liver disease, and Cirrhosis. Aloe Vera Plus has been reported to help relieve fatigue symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

Dr Walton's goal is to make the highest efficacy aloe vera readily available for everyone for use orally.

It is a cause that he passionately supports because of his research on aloe vera, his personal experience with Hepatitis C, and his work with aloe vera and wound healing.

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